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Reprint Policy

Automatic reprint permission for all of Mark Swartz's original material on, and only his original material (as is made clear by the author citation on the page being that of Mark Swartz) is extended to non-commercial, non-profit publications and non-commercial, non-profit web sites and publications.

Automatic reprint permission is not extended to commercial publications and commercial web sites or publications, whether run by profit or not-for-profit businesses. A commercial publication or web site is one that charges for content or generates revenue from the publication or site. Commercial web sites and publications should contact us directly about using content from

All reprints must meet the following conditions:

  • The content of the article shall not be altered in any way.
  • All text, images, links, titles, attributions and so forth shall be kept in their original form.
  • Only the font and point size may be changed.

A reference to copyright shall appear as follows: © Mark Swartz, Republished with permission. All Rights Reserved.

A reference to the author shall appear as follows: Mark Swartz, MBA, M.Ed., is a leading Canadian speaker, author and CareerActivist. He may be reached by visiting

If Mark's material is to be displayed on a website, blog, or related medium, a link to must be provided.

For special reprints requiring modifications, please contact us directly.

In all cases copyright remains with Mark Swartz. For any material found on this website that is created by a third-party source (and not under licence by CareerActivist), unless otherwise stipulated, all applicable copyright laws apply and you must contact the owner of the material to request permission to reprint it.

"Fisking" Policy:

Protecting Copyright of Material from Other Sources

Material that originates on a site other than, and is then copied directly onto by us (that is, the copied content now resides on our website, and exceeds the allowable maximum as specified by Canada's copyright laws, said content not merely appearing in the results listings of our search engines), will only be featured in its full form, word for word, when "fisked" by This means that said material will always be "reviewed" by careeractivist, in the sense of "review" as it pertains to Canada's Copyright Act. , and not merely displayed without appropriate levels of comment. This thereby satisfies copyright laws, while also:

  • giving our readers additional, expert perspectives on what they read here
  • providing added free exposure, on a well-regarded website, for the authors' work
  • eliminating the prospect of plagiarism, intentional or otherwise

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